Although Bali is not a very big island, there are many Bali attractions. I have prepared best things to do in Bali list for you, what you must see and do in Bali.

Before start to the list of Bali attractions, I recommend you to read my Bali Travel Tips-Things to Know About Bali Before Travel

Ubud Attractions

Ubud is definetely on the first place in my Bali attractions list. There are so many things to do in Ubud. That’s why, I had the longest stay in Ubud in my Bali trip. But there is not a single thing in Ubud which is the ocean 😊 Ubud is located in the inner part of the island of Bali, so it has no shore to the ocean. If you are thinking “Well, I can’t swim , so  what kind of island holiday is this?” Answer is simple “There are amazing waterfalls.” Here are my recommended Ubud atrractions,

Swim in the Waterfalls

There are so many waterfalls around Ubud that just one day is not enough to see all. We rented a motorbike and went to Tegenungan and Tibumana waterfalls. Both are incredibly fascinating places. The entrance fees to the waterfalls are around 10,000 Indonesian rupees. You can park your bike for free.

Visit Tirta Empul Temple

Although Indonesia is a Muslim country, Balinese are mostly  believe in Hinduism. My personal opinion, as someone who has also visited India, Hinduism rituals in Bali different from India. Bali is more flamboyant and positive. Hindu temples and rituals in India seemed bleak to me, perhaps because the country is also poor. If you are interested in Hinduism and rituals you can read What is Hinduism? Religions in India.

Balinese make everything like a visual festival with flowers, dance and their positive energy. Tirta Empul is one of the best examples of these temples. Whenever you go to the temple, you see a ritual or dance performance. When I went, I asked myself “I wonder if I came on a special day?” but this is a regular day.

Tirta Empul temple is a water temple. Balinese believe that the water flowing from the fountains is sacred and that they are purified from their sins by passing under 13 fountains. This belief has been around for centuries. Both locals and tourists are very interested in the temple.Tirta Empul temple is a water temple. Balinese believe that the water flowing from the fountains is sacred and that they are purified from their sins by passing under 13 fountains. This belief has been around for centuries. Both locals and tourists are very interested in the temple.

The entrance fee is 50,000 Indonesian rupees. While I was walking with the guidance of Google maps, I don’t know how it happened by passing a pathway, I suddenly found myself in the temple. So I didin’t buy tickets. I don’t know where and how I came from and whether there is still that path 😊 In Bali Travel Tips-What You Should Know About Bali Before Travel, I mentioned that you should wrap the fabrics called sarong when you enter the temples, no matter whether you woman or man. You can borrow free sarong in Tirta Empul temple. But this sarong is only for walking around the temple. If you want to go through the fountains and take a dip into the pool, you have to buy green ones. Frankly, I don’t know why you need different sarongs. Price of lockers to put your belongings while entering the pool and green sarong is 20,000 rupees.

Walking Tegalalang Rice Field

Here is the Tegalalang rice field where the famous Bali swing photos were taken. This is the most famous rice field in Bali. You can walk through the rice fields, take pictures and enjoy the view while sitting in the cafes and eating your coconut. But let me tell you this place is very touristic and busy. For this reason, I cannot say I liked this place very much. Everywhere in Bali is a lush rice field. Believe me, you can see much more beautiful fields. Moreover, it will be entirely yours. You don’t have to wait in line to take a picture😊

The entrance to the Tegalalang rice field is free, but people may say that you need to donate while you are visiting. This is a scam, just ignore them.

Shopping at Ubud Market

Leave me in Ubud market since morning and take it back when it closes. It is such an amazing market. You can find many authentic products in here. I think Bali’s most beautiful market. But of course bargaining, bargaining, bargaining.

Watch Traditional Balinese Dance

Ubud is the best place to watch traditional Balinese dance. I think there are two different organizations for dance shows but actually both of them are very similar. Dance shows are performed in the gardens of the temples. Balinese dance turns into a legendary event when combined with the spiritual vibe of the temple.

Nusa Penida Island Attractions

The second place in my list of Bali attractions is Nusa Penida island, which is not exactly on Bali island, but is very close. You can reach Nusa Penida by ferry or fast boat from Sanur.

Nusa Penida is the place where T-rex rock that you see on instagram. But after the rock is so famous, it gets a little difficult to take pictures here due to the crowd. Don’t worry, Nusa Penida has more places for instagram pictures.

Nusa Penida island is a dangerous place for no experience bikers. Because there are very steep and rough roads. I had my first bike experience here, the worst place for this. What a smart girl isn’t it 😊 Fortunately, I got through without an accident. Every time the wheels were slipping when I hit the brakes. I remember how many times I left the bike and walked, asking someone who was passing by to take my bike down the slope.

There is also so interesting temple which is inside the cave and sometimes people just miss it. The vibe and rituals in Goa Giri Putri temple, are incredible.

There is also so interesting temple which is inside the cave and sometimes people just miss it. The vibe and rituals in Goa Giri Putri temple, are incredible.

Watch the Sunset in Seminyak

Sunsets in Seminyak are the most special moment of the day. Everyone gathers on the beach to see this magnificent view. You sit at beach bars, listen to live music and sip Bintang (Indonesian beer). I want to be there now.

Surf in Canggu

Bali is really good place for surfing. Have I done it? I am hardly swim, surfing is not for me at all. But I strongly recommend you to try it.

There are many surf schools on Canggu beach where you can take lessons. As far as I watched them from the beach, you can learn a load of things even in a few hours.

Hike Batur Mountain and Watch the Sunrise

In Bali, you can do extreme things like hiking to volcanoes that are still active .There are two in Bali. One is Agung with 3031 meters and the other is Batur volcano with 1717 meters. Hiking to the volcanoes and watch the sunrise is definitely one of my recommended Bali attractions.

It was forbidden to hike to Agung  when I was in Bali on June 2019 since the eruption. For this reason, we hiked to Batur volcano. Batur was last active in 2000. You need to hire a guide for hiking. In fact, hiking is not a challenge, you can do it yourself, but local people have required a guide to get money. If you try to hike by yourself, it is very possible that they will cut your way and ask for an entrance fee. Therefore, hire a guide from the beginning so that you do not have any trouble.

Hiking starts at two o’clock at night and takes around three hours. There are many stopovers on the way that you can rest. When you reach to the top of the volcano, a magnificent view awaits you. I was blown away not by hiking but by the beauty of the view. We were also lucky in terms of weather conditions. Since there were not many clouds, we could watch the  sunrise  very clearly. Of course, we understood very well that Mount Batur is an active volcano when we reached to the top. You can still see the smoke coming out of the ground, and you can feel the heat when you touch the ground. In addition, our guide made us boiled eggs by volcano heat. Have you ever eaten something like that in your life😊

Visit Uluwatu Temple and Watch the Kecak Dance

Uluwatu is another beautiful temple in Bali. The cool thing is the view of the ocean waves below the hill and cliff where the temple is located. But I have to warn you against to the thief monkeys. They take whatever they see on you or in your hand. They took the phone, glasses, water bottles and even flip-flops of the girl who is just next to me. It was not funny, but rather fearful moments. Meanwhile, the temple entrance is 10,000 Indonesian rupees.

Another reason to come to Uluwatu temple is to watch the traditional kecak dance. Kecak dance is different from traditional Balinese dance. It is a local dance which just men do. Also there is no music, all sounds are based on male chorus. They perform Kecak dance every day at sunset in Uluwatu. You can buy tickets for the dance from the temple. (70,000 Indonesian rupees)

Feed the Fish at Tirta Gangga Temple

Here is one more classic Bali Instagram pictures. The water in the temple which is believed to be sacred dedicated to Hindu Goddess Gangga. Balinese come to Tirta Gangga to be purified from their sins with the sacred water. Meanwhile, what do tourists do? They feed the fish and take pictures in this pond like I do😊

Watch Bali Cremation Ceremony

Here’s the last recommend of Bali attractions list. If you come across a cremation ceremony in Bali, be sure to watch it. Unlike in Varanasi  India, cremation ceremonies in Bali are magnificent festive vibe.

I hope my Bali attractions list helps you to have a wonderful trip to Bali.


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