Bali dream… Here is a day in Bali, walking through the rice fields, swimming in the waves of the ocean and finish the day watching the magnificent sunset. If you are dreaming of such a Bali trip, here is Bali travel tips and things to know about Bali before travel.

Is Bali Expensive?

Let’s start with the most curious one, then. Is Bali expensive? I can neither say yes nor no to this question. In fact, there are options for every budget. There are great alternatives for luxury holiday enthusiasts, as well as for backpackers like me.

I want to mention one more detail here. It is also a bargain. Since Bali is a very touristic place, Balinese are looking for tourists to scam to be honest. They always gonna say higher price so you definetly learn how to bargain.

Bali Travel Tips- Accommodation

Bali is one of the countries that Europeans choose to live. Especially people who works freelance escape from the chaos in their countries and prefer a life in nature in Bali. Day by day, this situation is intensifying. Balinese also do their best to offer a comfortable life to their guests, sometimes even excessively. Of course, the Europeans, who stay in luxury villas have no complaints. Because Bali is many times cheaper than European prices. Anyway, I do not want to go into this in her. At the end of the article I made my comments in detail about my Bali perspective.

Is it possible to stay in luxury villas in Bali and have breakfast in the pool, which is constantly seen on Instagram? Of course 😊 It is possible to experience this luxury with prices starting from $ 25 per night. Where did I stay? Unfortunately, as a solo backpacker, I could not experience this luxury villa. But I stayed in one of the most luxurious hostels.

Bali Travel Tips- Transportation

The most practical solution for transportation in Bali is to rent a motorbike. Since Bali is not a huge island, you can reach everywhere in a few hours. Also, biking in Bali is a kind of taste of Bali like feeling the wind and looking around on the road covered with palm trees on both sides…. If you thinking “But I don’t know how to ride a bike.” Let me answer this questions. You can learn in 5 minutes😊 Like me.

Another option is to rent vehicles that are widely used in Asian countries called tuktuk on a daily basis. Tuktuk driver picks you up from your hotel in the morning, takes you around and brings you back at the end of the day. Also you can call bike or car from Uber or Grab apps. Of course, these applications are mostly valid in central areas of Bali. So are there no buses in Bali? Well I’ve never seen it.

Bali Travel Tips- Bali Cuisine

I always prefer local food when traveling. But not everyone is like me, of course. Bali satisfies both sides in terms of food and drink. You can both taste Balinese cuisine and find all kinds of international cuisine in Bali. Let me note that most restaurants and cafes are instagrammable.

Bali Travel Tips- Bali Shopping

Bali is an perfect place where you can spend a lot of time shopping and find many different things. I strongly recommend the market in Ubud. I think that’s the market where you can find the most options. Again, let me remind you to bargain😊Since I travel with a backpack, I don’t have a lot of room for shopping. I only bought a few items from Bali. Now I regret why I didn’t buy more items and just ship them. Look at my dress, isn’t it so good? Of course it would be better to buy all color of this but anyway..

Bali Travel Tips- Balinese Massage

As someone who has been to most countries in Asia and had a massage in every country, my favourite is Balinese one. Thai, Vietnam or something else is nothing when you compare with Balinese. You don’t need to go to a luxury spa for Balinese massage, you can get it just 8-10 dollars an hour in almost all beauty salons. They are all very good at this.

Bali Travel Tips-Bali Nightlife

When it comes to Bali nightlife, I suppose everybody thinks of beach parties. Particularly in Seminyak, Canggu and Kuta, parties start in the afternoon and continue until the morning. If you ask which bar is better, I guess most people will say Potato Head in Seminyak. Of course, you can get your drink and hang out on the beach calmly. It’s up to you.

Bali From My Eyes

-I will discuss the subject I mentioned a little bit in the Bali accommodation part here. There are so many people from Europe who have settled in Bali. As a result, some parts of Bali have officially become like European cities. The buildings, shops, restaurants are all European style, everything is geared towards tourists. In some places, you see more tourists than local people. You cannot get the authentic vibe of Bali. If you want to go to Bali, I think you should so as soon as possible before it gets worse.

-I’m going on the same topic again ,😊. There is so much traffic in city centers. As the roads are narrow and tourist rent the biggest jeeps. Because it’s cheaper than Europe of course. Traffic in the centers is going completely step by step.

Bali is one of the most preferred places for honeymoon. Would I recommend Bali for honeymoon? Absolutely. It has a romantic vibe, I can’t deny it.

-While entering the temples, men and women wear a cover called sarong. These covers are borrowed or sold at the entrance of some temples, but just in case it’s better to take it with you. You can easily find these covers in all markets.

– You can take surf lessons in Bali, especially Canggu. The waves are huge. So this is good for surfing, but it can be a little dangerous for swimming. Be very careful.

I am finishing Bali Tips with about withdrawal in Bali. Thanks to my travel card that does not charge transaction fees while traveling. However, in some countries the banks do charges some fees to all cards. But Indonesia is a great country in that regard. No transaction fees when withdrawing money from ATMs. In other words, instead of exchanging money, you can withdraw your money from the ATM.

Then let’s continue with Bali Attractions-Best Things to Do in Bali


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