In India, where I spent 3 months, I start my list of best places to visit in India with Mumbai, where I also entered the country.

India is a country where there are many different lives and contrasts. The place where you can see this most prominently is Mumbai. The luxurious lives of Bollywood stars are here, as well as the largest slum in Asia. Then here is Mumbai, the city of contrasts in India;

What’s Mumbai like?

Mumbai is the largest city in India and the ninth largest city in the world, and one of the tops the list of best places to visit in India. The city was first under Portuguese colonization and after the 16th century it changed to the British. Because it has a natural harbor, the Portuguese named it “Bom Bahia”, which means “good bay”. This name was later translated into English and became “Bombay”. In 1995, Bombay was changed to “Mumbai”, derived from the Indian Goddess Mumba. Most people in India still call the city Bombay.

Mumbai is one of the places where you will feel the British influence most in India, which gained independence from the British colony on 15 August 1947. All of the buildings facing each other on the city’s main street are of British architecture. It even has a Big Ben tower 😊 I can also obviously say that the Indians have an extreme admiration for England.

Of course, Bollywood cannot be missed when it comes to Mumbai. The heart of the Indian film industry beats in Mumbai. Most movies were shot in here.

Mumbai Attractions

Mumbai was my first stop in India. I got my first impression of India in Mumbai. Honestly, I cannot say that my impressions have changed much during my 3-month trip to India. Then let’s start Mumbai attractions.

Gateway India

Gateway India is one of the places to visit in Mumbai. This is a place where both local and foreign tourists flock at all day. Let me warn you from the beginning, a lot of people will want to take pictures with you. Be prepared before you go 😊 (Indians are very fond of tourists and always want to chat and take pictures.)

India Gate was built to immortalize the British king’s visit to Mumbai in 1924. It was called the Gate of India, as it was the first place to set foot on land who comes by ship.

You can see the Taj Hotel with its magnificent architecture across the square. The most remembered thing about this magnificent hotel, which hosts famous names, is the terrorist attack that killed 170 people in 2008.

Chhatrapati Shivaji (Victoria) Train Station

I mentioned that Mumbai is one of the places where you can see the British traces most intensely in India, which gained independence from the British on 15 August 1947. Chhatrapati Shivaji (Victoria) Train Station is the best example of the British influence  in Mumbai. The train station, which has been active since 1887, has been in the Unesco World Heritage List since 2004. You can see many English style buildings on the main street that goes towards the India Gate.

Dhobi Ghat- World’s Largest Open Air Laundry

Dhobi Ghat is the world’s largest open air laundry where 10,000 people wash, dry and iron the  laundry all day long. Do not say whether to wash clothes by hand at this time, the laundry established in 1890 is still active. In Mumbai, most laundry of the hotels and hospitals are washed in here. This job is passed on from generation to generation and about 200 families live here. All their lives pass in this 2 km square area.

Dhobi Ghat was a huge shock on my 5th day in India. I really saw an incredibly difficult life in here. Dhobi Ghat has a very special place for me. You can watch it in more detail from my video below. I still get goosebumps whenever I watch my video.

with English subtitles

Dharavi – Asia’s Largest Slum Area

Dharavi is the largest slum area in Asia with a population of 1 million. You can visit this place with a tour and you can visit the residents’ house, see their lives and also provide some support to them with the amount you pay for the tour.

Since the laundry I visited was emotionally too much for me, I skiped Dharavi.

Juhu Beach

It’s called the beach but actually  it’s a place where most people come to socialize on the beach instead of swimming. There are places where you can taste street food in Juhu Beach, which gets crowded especially near sunset.

Juhu Beach is located in the area where Bollywood stars live. Thanks to the driver on the bus I got on the way to Beach, I saw the most of the houses. It’s impossible not to notice the crowd of people outside the homes 😊

Marine Drive

It is one of the most important socializing areas in Mumbai with its 3.6 km long walking trial along the sea and also one of the most beautiful places to set the sun down. It is such a romatic place with couples walking hand in hand in  the sunset. I also recommend you to finish the day in Mumbai.

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India first impression – Mumbai Attactions video as below and also you can find all my India vlogs in here.

with English subtitles


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