I’m Alisa. I was born in 1986 in Varna / Bulgaria. As a family we came to Turkey when I was 3. Yes, I am an immigrant girl, I grew up in Silivri, a small seaside town in Istanbul. I went to primary, secondary and high school in Silivri. After that, I studied hospitality management at Adnan Menderes University.

After graduating from University, I jumped to a stressful business life directly like everyone else. I worked in different departments such as reception, reservation and sales offices in several 5-star hotels in Istanbul. After 6 years of working life, I decided that I was not happy at all in this extremely stressful business life. I wanted to make a change in my life and suddenly I decided to move to London.

After moving to London, my curiosity about traveling, seeing and discovering increased. Since the short European holidays on my days off were not enough for me anymore, I realized that I needed longer trips further, and 6 months of work and 6 months of travel spontaneously started.

I opened my Youtube channel in order to make my own archive of my travels. I liked sharing something with people and being inspired by those who want to start to travel. I decided to continue this with my blog.

On this road I set out with the quote of Rumi ” As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.”, I will proceed as far as the road takes me.You can find more about me in the Questions-Answers section.


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