My India tips saves lives for the first time visitors 🙂 India is a huge land of chaos, different from  other country and the place where beauty and ugliness come together.There are two groups that think about India in two different ways: first is the lovers of India, who fell in love with India and say that they found themselves there.Other group identify India only with dirt. I do not agree with either group.

I spent 3 months in India, actually my plan was to stay longer, I had more to do, but unfortunately I had to end my travel on March 19, 2020 due to covid. Although I knew it was a different and difficult country before I went but I realized that it was much more difficult than what was told. Sometimes I love and sometimes I hate and was thinking to run away. So there you go, my realistic India tips,

Is India safe for solo travel?

I always think that traveling should be solo but for India I changed my mind. Attention! This advice is not just for women. I think you need a companion in India. This is important not only in terms of safety, it is nice to have some moral support  from your travel companion when you are facing difficult, unexpected and negative situations in India.

Also, do not even think to travel India if you do not have any long term travel experience before. I think this country, which challenges even experienced people, is a place that should be avoided for the first long term travelers.

What is the biggest challenge in India?

The most challenging thing for me was definitely the people. Indians, who are constantly staring at you and watching your every movement, is a really annoying. Since you attract attention as a tourist, there will be people who want to take selfies with you all the time. But I’m not talking about 1-2 selfies , there were times when 5 people queued to take a picture with me😊

Sometimes even people take your pictures without your permission. Maybe you gonna say “What’s the challenging in here” but imagine  in your most troubled moment, people constantly look at you and try to take your photo and askıng, “Where are you from? What is your name?” Believe me, it is not a situation to be tolerated.

Is India dirty?

This is a known fact about India. India is a dirty country indeed. Someone who is obsessed with hygiene should definitely stay away. Regardless of men and women, everyone spits out on the street. For men, peeing on the street is quite normal, and I have even seen people have a shit  on the street. Cow shits are nothing😊

Everyone throws their garbage on the street and sometimes people were looking to me flabbergastingly when I carried my garbage with me because I couldn’t find a bin. Throwing garbage in the trash is very unusual in India.

Is India cheap?

India is a cheap country, but it is necessary to pay attention to the period. We experienced this badly in Goa at Christmas time. Accommodation prices suddenly jumped 4-5 times and there was an excessive crowd of local tourists. Always you have bargain for everything.

India Tips- Indian food&drink

I think India is one of the finest cuisines. Frankly, there was no meal I didn’t like. I used to like Indian cuisine before, but I just fell in love it in India. Vegetarian dishes are so delicious that even meat lovers will never miss meat. You can read Indian Food-10 Indian Dishes You Must Try for more details.

The most important issue is drinking water. Even though you buy bottle water, after all, in restaurants meals are made in dirty water and dishes are washed in that dirty water. What I’m trying to say is ,no matter how much you try to pay attention, stomach upset is a real fact that happens in India. You should know that you will experience this at least once and  this is normal. I also spent about 1 week between the toilet and room 😊

India tips-Accommodation

Since I was my companion during most of my time in India, we stayed in low-budget hotel rooms with bathroom. Since the room price was divided into two, the amount I gave per night was generally around £3. I stayed in hostels when I was solo but the price I paid was around the same.

We often used to look for places to stay in India and tried to select the places with high ratings. But we never made a reservation on the site. Because the usual situation in accommodation in  India is the room is not the same with the picture.Sometimes when you go to hotel they can say to you that they don’t have any room although you booked in advance. You need to be prepared for these situations. For these reasons, I advice not to make a reservation without viewing the room. You may also call the hotel and get a cheaper price than It worked many times to me 😊 I called the hotel and negotiated a cheaper price.

A big advice from me regarding accommodation in India; If you are active on social media, you can request free accommodation. Sometimes, they will find you from your hashtags and offer free accommodation. India is one of the countries where social media is used the most. You can make free stays like me😊

India Tips-Transportation

Since India is a very big country, you need to determine your route very well. We started in the south, first finished the south and then flew to the north.

Although we tried to select the nearby cities, there were times when the distances between them reached 12 hours. For transportation in India, we usually traveled by sleeper trains and most of the time we had no problems. You can use rickshaw for transportation for short distances, but definitely remember to bargain or download the “uber” app for a safer travel. Of course, “uber” is only applied in big cities.

What you should definitely take with you for India Trip

– Indian women usually wear long skirts and long-sleeved tops. Bring long scarfs and t-shirts that cover the shoulders not to attract attention.

-Lots of hand sanitizer, wet wipes and toilet roll. Believe me, you will need a lot.

– A filtered water bottle. Even if you buy bottled water, it would be beneficial to pass it through your water filter once more.

– Make sure you have medicines against diarrhea and stomach-burn due to spicy meals.

-Travel sheet for sleeper trains and buses.

-Have travel cutlery with you. Indians eat with their hands. There are cutlery for tourists in restaurants, but I think you should also carry your own set in your bag.

-Padlock for your daily bag. Carry your phone in your locked bag instead pocket.

-Student ID. It offers an excellent discount on entry to tourist attractions, forts and museums, especially in the Rajastan region in the north-west of the country. (If you are not a student, prepare one yourself, like I did 😊 Believe it will be very useful for you)

Don’t be stress after my India Tips

I hope India tips will not ruin your dreams. My goal is to make you prepared when you go to India instead of being disappointed. India is a country that will make you leave your comfort zone, strain your patience and always be open to surprises. Although I sometimes thought I was having a hard time during my India trip ,now  when I  watching India videos or looking to the pics, I understand that I enjoyed every moment. Because everything even good or bad is an experience.


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