Indian food .. I cannot prevent my mouth from watering even while writing the article. I already liked Indian food before, but I just fell in love it in India. I think you can only taste a meal in its own country. Delicious Indian food gave me the biggest support on my three months trip to India 😊

How Is Indian Food? Is it too spicy?

India has its own different spices and they use them in food and even in drinks. The most used is a mixture of several spices called “Masala”. They use masala in all meals. They even have tea and they even put it in soda water.

This much spice can cause some trouble in the stomachs that are not used to it. As time passes, your stomach will get used to these delicious dishes. You should  accept this is as normal and prepared beforehand. You can take medicines against stomach-burn like I did.

India is a cuisine dominated by vegetarian food. Hindus do not eat meat because of the ahimsa belief in Hinduism. (What is Hinduism? And Religions in India, you can read here.) You can only find chicken and mutton dishes in restaurants in some regions. Beef is definitely not available. If you are a meat lover, would you have a hard time in India? I do not think so. The food is so delicious that I’m pretty sure you won’t miss meat.

Meals are served with bread called “Naan” or “Chapati” and yoghurt or tzatziki

Also, did I mention that food is eaten by hand in India? Of course, there are cutlery in restaurants for tourists, but if you are very sensitive about this, it is also useful to carry your own cutlery set with you.

Indian cuisine is of course very extensive but I have prepared a list of my favorites for you,

10 Indian Dishes You Must Try

Palak Paneer

I am starting with my favorite Indian food. Palak is a type of spinach and paneer is an Indian cheese. Basically, palak paneer is a creamy spinach dish with cheese. If you are thinking “Well, what kind of food is it?”, it is such a delicious food that even you can eat your fingers. Even if it is the same dish, of course, taste varies from region to region. I liked the palak paneer in South India more.


Thali consists of serving five or six different kinds of dishes in small bowls with yoghurt, rice and chapati. As you can see, thali is a big meal. The dishes in it are vary from region to region.

Masala Dosa

We can call masala dosa, which is a South Indian dish, as Indian crepe.Actually it is a breakfast meal but Hindus eat masala dosa anytime within day. A mixture of potato, onion, pepper and masala (let me remind you that masala is a special mixed spice in India) is put into the dough made of rice and lentils then served with sauces. I especially love one of the sauce which is with coconut.


Dal means lentil. I can describe this dish as the thick consistency of lentil soup. It is indispensable for thali.

Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is special Mumbai dish. It is also the first Indian food I have eaten in India. Pav Bhaji is tomato base puree-shaped dish and grated cheese on top. Check my Mumbai video where I tried pav bhaji (with English subtitles)


Biryani is a blend of braised rice and exotic spices. There are varieties with vegetables, chicken or lamb. It is usually served with yoghurt or tzatziki.

Masala Chai

I mentioned that masala (mixed spice) is widely used in India. Masala chai, is a beverage made from masala cooked with milk and sugar. You may see a lots of places that sells masala chai at every corner in. There is not much coffee and black tea culture in India. Instead, there is masala chai. I tasted masala chai only once, I didn’t like it because it was too sugary. That’s why it wasn’t my favorite. I mention that I would talk about my favourite Indian food in the article, but it would not be without writing masala chai.


Lassi is yogurt mixed with water. It can be salty or sugary, sometimes even fruity. Indian likes the sugary one mostly. How can they love such sugary things? I really don’t understand😊


Samosa is India’s must-have street food. It is a triangular shaped Indian dumpling, usually  with potato stuff in it. It is one of my favorite snack especially in train breaks.


Paratha is one of the delicious pastries in Indian food. It has vegetable and cheese options and is served with hot sauce and yogurt.


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