Would you like to read the list of London attractions-Top 20 places to visit in London by guidance of someone who has been living in London since 2016? Then let’s start our tour of London attractions-Top 20 places to visit in London that I prepared for you.

Before starting the list of London attractions, I recommend that you also have a look to London Tips and Things you Need to Know Before Travel.

If you’re ready, here it comes;

Big Ben & Westminster Palace

We start the list of London attractions with Big Ben, the symbol of London and even England. But I am giving you bad news right away. Big Ben tower has been under renovation since 2017 and will continue till end of 2021.

Although the name of the tower is known as Big Ben, actually Big Ben is the name of the bell. The name of the tower is Elizabeth Tower. Wesminster Palace was built in 1016 for the royal family and burned in 1512 and 1834. After the fires, Wesminster Palace takes its current form in 1844. Tower and bell are added to the palace. However, the first bell was broken and then new Big Ben was replaced. Big Ben rung for the first time in 1859. The sound of the bell can be heard even 14 kilometers away, isn’t it amazing?

Buckhingham Palace

Buckhingham Palace, is the official state residence and the house of Queen. There are exactly 775 rooms inside. What kind of house is it? But the difficulties are that no one can find each other in 775 rooms 😊

Buckhingam Palace was built in 1705 as the residence of the Duke of Buchkingham and was restored in 1824 by King George IV. However, the life of the king was not enough to live here. Queen Victoria was the first to reside in the palace from the royal family. Since then, it has been the official residence of the king and queen.

The palace is only open to visitors between July and August, when the queen goes to the summer palaces. You can find out information and prices here. Even if you do not visit the palace, I strongly recommend you to watch the magnificent guard change ceremony. This is one of the best London attractions. You can also check the ceremony hours here.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge, which took 8 years to build, was opened in 1894. In order not to prevent the sea traffic on the Thames, the bridge was built in as a lift. You can still see the bridge lift on some days. For detailed information, you can check the website. You can also get more detailed information about the Tower Bridge exhibition and you walk the glass walkway between the two towers. You can find tickets here.

Tower of London

Tower of London, built in 1078 by First William. Most of the jewels that the kings used are exhibited here. Check out the visiting hour and entrance fee in here.

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is named after the  battle of Horatio Nelson (the most famous sailor in Britain) against the French and Spanish navy in the Strait of Gibraltar. The square was named after the victory of Trafalgar War. In addition, the statue of Nelson which is 52-meter height was made by melting the cannons on Napoleon’s ship captured in the war.

Trafalgar Square is the address of New Year’s Eve celebrations and protests in London. It is also always busy with street performers.

London Eye

London Eye, where you can watch the magnificent view of London at a height of 135 meters, was built in 2000. There are 32 capsules and each one is for 25 people. London Eye completes the full tour in 20 minutes. The ticket costs £ 27. You can check London Eye tickets here. My recommendation for who do not want to spend that much money to watch the view is, go to Sky Garden. In here there are bars and restaurants are located on the 37th floor of the skyscraper. Entry is free but you have to book entry in advance to avoid crowds. You can make the reservation here.

British Museum

British Museum is one of the biggest and most important museums in the world. The museum, which was established in 1753 with the collections of Sir Hans Sloane, currently contains 13 million works. The most striking of these is the Ancient Egypt section where the mummies are located. There are 120 human and 300 animal mummies in British Museum. You can also visit free of charge.

National Gallery

National Gallery is located in Trafalgar Square and established in 1824. There are 2300 pieces of famous paintings such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Rembranth, Van Gohg and Renoir in the museum. A must-visit place for painting lovers. Entry is free.

Victoria & Albert Museum

We can actually call London a museum city. There is around 170 museums and I give you a few alternatives from the most visited ones for a rainy day. In this way, you don not need to get upset in the rainy days and have something to do 😊 One of them is Victoria & Albert Museum, the world’s largest decorative museum with 2.27 million works. The museum was founded in 1852 and was named from Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Entrance is free.

Oxford Street

Oxford Street is 1.9 km long and one of Europe’s busiest streets. The history of the street goes back to the 12th century. There are so many luxury shops in Oxford Street but also there are cheap options as well, such as Primark. Of course, Oxford Street is the best when decorated during Christmas.

Piccadily Circus

Piccadily Circus is one of London’s liveliest places, reminiscent of New York Times Square with its crowd and large illuminated billboards. You can have a good time just watching the surrounding and street performers in the square.


Soho is the beating heart of London nightlife. There are many bars (most of them gay bars), nightclubs and casinos. It is an ideal place to have a drink and spend a few enjoyable hours.


I suggest you spend an entire afternoon for Greenwich. Because Greenwich is located a little far from the center London. In fact, it has a very sweet town atmosphere and I think the best way of transportation is the ferry that you take from Wesminster. You won’t even realize how time passes while watching Thames.

Greenwich observatory is located on a high hill at the end of Greenwich park. When you hike to the top, you will see an amazing view of London. When you stand on the Greenwich meridian, one side of you will be in the eastern hemisphere and the other in the western hemisphere. Isn’t it interesting? But seeing the zero meridian is unfortunately not free. Entrance to the Observatory is £ 16.

While in Greenwich, you can visit the world’s largest maritime museum and the Queen’s House. Entrance to these museums is free. Don’t forget to stop by Greenwich Market before leaving.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is another London attractions. But sometimes it is so full of tourists that you can feel tired because of the crowd. There are much more beautiful parks in London for sure. Hyde Park was opened in 1637 as a park that everyone can enter. Previously, it was an area used by the royal family for hunting.

Regent’s Canal & Regent’s Park

There are 3000 large and small parks in London and more than 40% of the city consists of green areas. Here is one of my favorites of these parks, Regent’s Park. I don’t know why, but it seems to me that this place has a very positive energy. Especially when you enter the park along Regent’s Canal.

You will see a lot of boat houses along the canal like in Amsterdam. “How do they live in these boats?” It is impossible not to look inside through the windows😊 You can also take a boat tour in the canal if you want.

In addition, there are free music concerts in most of the parks during the summer. Information is posted on the boards at the park entrances. When entering the park, keep an eye on the board, let’s see if there is something😊

Camden Market

Here is Camden Market, where you can do shopping like crazy, eat cheap and delicious street food and have a perfect day. Camden Market, which started with 16 stalls in the 1970s, is now a huge market consisting of 200 stalls. You can find whatever comes to mind here.Clothes, jewelry, souvenirs, records, creative artistic products, books … Also, when you get tired, have a rest and taste various cuisines of the world from the food stands.

Camden Market is a place frequented by tourists as well as Londoners. In the 1800s, this place used as a stable. It is interesting, isn’t it? There are now souvenir shops in stables 😊

I also call out to you who love Amy Winehouse, the bar where Amy Winehouse is constantly hanging out and house where she passed away are also in Camden.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden was an area which is planted vegetables and fruits and selling place. Nowadays, hand-made souvenirs are sold rather than fruits and vegetables in this market. In addition, puppet shows were held in Covent garden in the past. Today, it is possible to see street performers and acrobats here.

Borough Market

Borogh Market is a street food market where you can find different tastes. Ideal place for lunch break. Enjoy the delicious burgers ,Italian cheese and perfect finish with cupcake as dessert. Mulled wine goes well in winter, too.

Notting Hill & Portobello Road

I guess,you’ve seen Julie Roberts and Hugh Grant’s movie Notting Hill. Here is Notting Hill, where the movie was shot. Notting Hill is on the London attractions with colorful houses. Also on sundays, there is an antiques market on Portobello street.

And of course, you should not miss the Notting Hill Carnival held at the last weekend of every August. The only word I can say for two days of crazy street festival is “vaowww”.

Brick Lane

Brick Lane is the best vintage market in London and even in all Europe. Most people in London prefer second-hand clothing. This is more of a fashion and lifestyle than cheap clothing. If you like second-hand clothing or want to spend at least a few hours in a “cool” place, I strongly recommend you to visit the stores in Brick Lane. In addition, there is a vintage street market on sundays, apart from the stores. Brick Lane has a special place for me, as I worked in one of these vintage stores for a while. Don’t forget to visit my store “Vintage Basement”.


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