I think the best guide is the one who live in that country.I have prepared for you what you need to know before travel London and London travel tips, as been living in London since 2016 . I’m sure it will help you during your London trip.

About London

London is the capital of England and UK. With its historical streets and cosmopolitan structure, London has always been one of the most popular tourist destinations. We can officially call it the heart of Europe. It is also one of the most immigrant destinations. 300 different languages spoken ​​in London. Really interesting 😊

The founding date of London goes back two thousand years. The city built on the banks of Thames and named Londonium, which means “Flowing River”. However, this changed by the time and became London.

Some Differences in UK

I guess everyone know that traffic flows from the left in UK. But believe me, even if you know, you forget sometimes. Be careful when crossing the street. “Look right” or “look left” writings are mostly written on the roads.

The biggest difference, of course, is sockets have triple inputs. Also there are usb ports but you may still need a converter. You can buy the converter from personal care shops called “Boots”. You can find them on almost every street. Prices are a bit cheaper that souvenir shops.

London Transportation

London is so good on transportation network. Although it seems complicated sometimes, actually it is very easy. However, it is a bit costly, unfortunately.

The card used for transportation is called “Oyster”. You can buy the card from the machines at every underground station or from some kiosks on the street and top up it. However, you can use your contactless credit card instead of Oyster card.

From double-decker red bus, to the world’s first underground and the overground, London transportation is diverse. You can find your way very easily from Google maps or Citymapper. In addition, you can check the cost in advance.

Is London raining all the time?

You think that London is rainy all the time, right? I think this is no longer the case because of the changes in climates. I’ve had the last few summer in London which are the hottest summer times in my entire life.

However, of course I can say that the weather is variable. Even if you come in the summer, do not forget to bring an umbrella and long sleeves with you. Londoners are so used to these sudden weather changes .But London is also beautiful with its rain, isn’t it?

Is London expensive?

Unfortunately, London one of the most expensive cities in the World. But don’t be upset. There are many things you can do for free in London. Visiting museums, parks and markets is the best example of these.

In addition, here some advices I can give you. Firstly, walking around central London instead of transportation. Secondly buy a 3-pound triple lunch deal from Tesco and have a picnic in the park. Also, tap water is drinkable, you do not need to buy water.

What is the best time to go to London?

The best time to go to London is of course summer. You can enjoy the parks. There is nothing more enjoyable than it. However, it should always be kept in mind that the weather can change suddenly.

But also Christmas time, London is another beautiful . Almost all streets are decorated a month before, Christmas trees are everywhere.In addition,the most beautiful event of Christmas in London “Winter Wonderland” is set up in Hyde park.There are loads of Christmas markets. In fact, you really get that Christmas spirit in London.

London Travel Tips- Food / Drink

Although England has a long history, it is not the same with the cuisine. Frankly, there is not much that we can describe as British food.

Fish & chips: When you come to London, you can’t do without fish & chips and beer. A nice alternative for fish lovers.

English Breakfast: Since so many meat products, English breakfast is too heavy for me. It is not among my preferences, but I can say that it is a big breakfast for those who want to try it.

Sunday Roast: It is traditional sunday meal in pubs. Definitely stop by the pub on sunday and try Sunday roast.

Street Food: If you want both cheap and delicious food in London and socialize at the same time, the best is to taste the street food in the markets. Street food is very popular in London. As I said, apart from just eating and drinking, it is a perfect place for socializing, especially if the weather is nice. The most popular ones are Camden Market, Borough Market and Greenwich Market.

World Cuisine: I have said that London is a cosmopolitan city. Yes, England does not have its own cuisine, but you can taste all world cuisines. You can taste Chinese cuisine or try Mexican, French, Japanese… restaurants.

London Travel Tips- Accommodation

It is known that London is expensive and you will no doubt spend the most money on accommodation. You can choose hostel or Airbnb instead of hotel. In addition, you do not have to be in the central London.The important thing is to be close to the underground. Basically, instead of staying in the central London, I recommend you to stay in the more affordable airbnb which located close to the underground in zone two or three .

London Travel Tips- London Night Life

England means pub 😊 Brits who finishes work , directly going to the pubs before home. Definitely, you need to taste many alternative draft beers in pubs. In addition, London nightlife has many options. Tiger tiger, Egg, Xoyo, Cargo…

I’am more chill person. Night life means to me listening live jazz and drink some cocktails or wine. If you are like me, I recommend “Ain’t Nothin But The Blues Bar”. No admission fee except Friday-Saturday. You can watch live performances for free.

London Travel Tips- Shopping

London is a paradise for shopping. There are shopping centers where you can find luxury brands or markets where you can buy souvenirs for a few pounds and great antiques. The choice is up to you. You can choose Harrods or Oxford Street, one of the most famous luxury shopping centers in Europe or Camden Market for small gifts. My advice is to visit Portobello market, which is fun even if you don’t want to buy something. Definitely, you need to go to Brick Lane Market where second hand clothes are sold. I am sure you will come across a lot of things that will interest you.

After London travel tips, let’s continue with London Attractions –Top 20 Places to Visit in London.

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