Did it frighten me to move to London and travel the World by myself?

Of course it scared me, but this triggered me more to do it actually. Instead of running away, I walked on it, and as I walked, I saw that there were really nothing to be afraid of. You even start running after you take a step.

How do I choose the countries ? How do I determine my route?

I try to go mostly to cheap countries. Since there are countries that I do not know at all, I watch a lot of videos and read books. The internet is actually the answer to all questions.

Which country that I suggest to start Asia trip?

I think it’s best to start from Thailand like I did. Since Thailand is a touristic country, it is easy to reach other countries due to its location.

Where is my favorite country?

Actually, I am in a dilemma about the answer to this question. I was fascinated by Vietnam, the month I spent in the country and it was not enough for me. But also Sri Lanka is amazing country indeed. I’m still undecided.

Where am I staying? What is the average accommodation fee?

I stay in shared rooms in hostels. Sometimes I stay in rooms for 4 people, sometimes for 12 people. As I spend most of the day outside, I come to the room just to sleep. I have a comfortable sleep thanks to my earplugs 😊 Average hostel prices are between 5-10 dollars.

What is my average spending for 1 month while traveling?

I spend an average of 700 pounds on accommodation, transportation, food and beverage, sometimes museum entrances or tour fees and entertainment.

How do I earn money while traveling?

I work in London for 6 months, save money and travel for 6 months. I love to travel without worrying about money. But during corona time, I’m improving myself on what I can do online, maybe I can work online while traveling forward.

Which is the cheapest country?

Everyone says India is very cheap, but I think Vietnam is a much cheaper country than India. India ranks second for me.

Do I feel lonely while traveling?

I think the road should be taken alone. You get to know yourself much better during this period and you can meet many more people. If you go on the road with your friend, you become constantly dependent on each other. Sometimes you feel as even you are annoyed with each other, you have to act together. Come on be honest, hasn’t there ever been a time when you got annoyed with your friend on vacation or travel ?

Don’t worry, you will meet plenty of travelers like you in the hostels. You can continue together for the time you want, you can continue alone for the time you want. Most of the time, I traveled with people I met on the road, but there were some places that I traveled by myself. Sometimes it’s good to be on yourself, but I’ve never felt lonely.

Which country is the next and how long this lifestyle will continue?

I have many more places I want to go to, let’s see for now I don’t know either. I guess I’ll be traveling all my lilfe, I’m totally addicted 😊

What am I doing in corona time?

I am sorry that I cant not travel during this period but there is a serious situation happening all over the world. I wish this epidemic to end as soon as possible. I try to make the most of these times. I edit lots of videos and write travel articles.

Am I considering getting married and starting a family?

Of course I’m not against getting married, but I believe that getting married is a very serious thing. If right person comes across me, why not 😊 But also I believe in everytime there is a reason , maybe it is not the right time.

Finally, what advice can I give to those who wants to travel?

I recommend that everyone take steps to make this happen no matter what their dream is. Believe me, nothing is as difficult as you have imagined.


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