I will write the Sri Lanka travel guide with great longing and even a little sadness. Because I want to be there right now. Sri Lanka is my favorite country I have been to so far. I literally fell in love. Even I was angry with myself why I didn’t go there before 🙂

You can feel the island vibe in Sri Lanka with its deep blue ocean and stunning beaches. In addition, you can find more here; nature, mountains ,wildlife parks and interesting temples.

Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, is a small island in the Indian Ocean with a north-south distance of 435 km and an east-west distance of 240 km. It’s amazing that so many different things fit in such a small space. Distances are short and transportation is easy. You can enjoy everything, even on a short trip plan. By the way, the name Ceylon is familiar to you from somewhere, right? Yes, the famous Ceylon tea comes from here. Every part of Sri Lanka is full of tea plantations.

Before Sri Lanka gained its independence in 1948, it was under the colonies of Portugal, Holland and England. After gaining its independence, this time it struggled with bloody civil wars between 1983-2009. Because of these reasons, Sri Lanka has not been a preferred to travel. But it is certain that we will hear this country a lot in the future. After a small history brief, now let’s move on to the Sri Lanka travel guide;

When to Go to Sri Lanka?

You can go to Sri Lanka anytime. Both parts of the island have different climates at the same time. This means, if one part of the island is in monsoon climate, the other side has a perfect weather. I’ve been in February and the weather was great.

Is Sri Lanka Expensive?

I cannot say that Sri Lanka is very cheap. Asian countries are known to be cheap, but Sri Lanka is a little bit expensive than other Asian countries. To present the prices as a general table, accommodation (hostel dorm ) is 6-10 dollars, a meal is 3-4 dollars (local food) 7-8 dollars (European style). Of course I have to say that I travel on a low budget. So these prices are actually base prices, you can go above them. The most expensive thing is the entrance fee to wildlife parks (between $ 10-15), due to the wildlife conservation tax. Transportation is cheap compared to other prices. (I explained it in detail in the transportation section.)

Sri Lanka Travel Guide: Accommodation

I mentioned you before that I stay in hostel dorms. Hostels in Sri Lanka, especially on the south side ones, are very cool places. Some of them even have their own beaches. Apart from the hostel, you can also rent studio apartments. You can look for in Sri Lanka or pre-book on So there are so many options.

Sri Lanka Travel Guide: Food and Drink

Sri Lankan cuisine is similer to Indian cuisine. The dishes are very spicy and served with roti (a kind of flat bread) or rice. Since it is a Buddhist country, it is mostly vegetarian, but a lot of fish is consumed on the southern beaches. Fresh fish from the ocean are displayed on the stalls and you can choose from there.

There are also many European style cafes and restaurants if you don’t want to eat local. But of course their prices are incomparably different to local food. Of course there are plenty of tropical fruits. So there are options for every taste.

If you are curious about Indian food, take a look at my Indian Food and 10 Indian Dishes You Must Try.

Sri Lanka Travel Guide: Domestic Transportation

Sri Lanka domestic transportation is one of the cheapest things and also very easy. Train or bus tickets are around $ 1-2. You may have heard of the famous blue train journey. I am talking about the pictures hanging from the train that we see in instagram. It is one, must-do things in Sri Lanka.

Apart from trains and buses, you can also rent a motorbike or tuk tuk .I cannot give an average price for them because it is a bit up to your bargaining ability.

Sri Lanka Travel Guide: Nightlife in Sri Lanka

I can say that Sri Lanka nightlife is calmer. Live music is dominant in the restaurants or  beach bars. This is exactly my style😊 So I haven’t heard loud music in night clubs like that. But travelers I met in Sri Lanka said that there are such parties in Nurawa Eliya. I really do not know because I did not go.

Since Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country, full moon days are very sacred times. No alcohol is sold these days. If you have an idea of ​​partying, pay attention to this detail.

Sri Lanka Travel Guide: Shopping

Of course, Ceylon tea is one of the things that should be bought from Sri Lanka. You can find plenty of tea in the gift shops. However, my suggestion for you is to visit the tea plantations and buy them from the production sites there. You can see the production story of tea from beginning to end in the tea plantations.

Another thing you shouldn’t return without buying in Sri Lanka is Ayurvedic oils. Sri Lanka is famous for Ayurveda, a form of therapeutic massage.

Sri Lanka From My Eyes

-I went to Sri Lanka after spending 3 months in India. You can imagine how difficult a country India is. I thought Sri Lanka was a difficult country like India because they were close to each other. However, Sri Lanka was much different what I expect. Compared to India, this is a country 10 steps ahead of India. Much more advanced and easier.

-I love Sri Lankan people. They are very friendly and  helpful.

-Sri Lanka is a country where I can think of not only traveling but also living. Among the countries I have visited so far, this desire to live came only in Sri Lanka. But after doing some research, I realized that it is difficult for foreigners to live in the country. Foreigners certainly cannot own land or houses in Sri Lanka. Goverment do not want to sell their country lands to foreigners. Of course, this is a very legitimate request considering such a small island country. Living in Sri Lanka dream has fallen into the water.

-The reason I love Sri Lanka so much is that you can find many different things in a small place.It’s not a very touristy country like Thailand and it’s still very untouched. Basically, go to Sri Lanka as soon as possible and see with your own eyes the country that I have described so beautifully.

Let’s continue to Places to Visit in Sri Lanka-Must Visit Top 8 Places.


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