I think Thailand is the first one that comes to mind among Asian countries. Thailand’s being more prominent than other countries.As a result, there are both positive and negative reflections. I mentioned these and everything you need to know before travel to Thailand in my Thailand travel tips. It will be very useful for you.

Thailand is special for me as It is both starting and finishing point of my 6-months Asia trip. (My first 6 months Asia trip route: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Bali) You can find my perspective as both inexperienced and experienced backpacker in my Thailand travel tips.

Is Thailand Cheap?

We start with the most curious subject: Is Thailand cheap? Asian countries are generally known as cheap countries, but unfortunately I cannot say the same about Thailand. Most of the videos I watched before I travel to Thailand were talking about the cheapness of the country. But what I saw with my own eyes was completely different. Thailand, which was cheap until 5-6 years ago, became popular, and the prices increased proportionally. Of course, the situation that I mentioned is expensive compared to other Asian countries, we don’t even include Europe countries in this category.

There are huge price differences in the country as well. The islands are so popular that prices are 4-5 times higher compared to the north of the country. Also, as Thai people charge tourists 10 times higher prices,because of this, you have to bargain.

Thailand Travel Tips-Thailand Accommodation

As I mentioned, Thailand is popular in terms of tourism, so there are many accommodation options. Since I travel on a low budget, I stay in hostel dorms. If you are traveling like me, hostel prices are between 5-10 dollars. Of course, these prices increase on the islands and especially during the season.

There are also many Europeans who prefer to live in Thailand. Most of them prefer as more spiritual northern part of the country rather than the islands. Also my favorite is definitely the northern part. Chiang Mai is especially preferred by  who wants tos tay long. You can rent flats in Chiang Mai.

Thailand Travel Tips-Transportation

Transportation is really easy in Thailand. Walk out of your hotel maximum 5 minutes and you will definitely see a tourism agency. You can buy ferry ,bus, train tickets from the agencies. Of course, again, bargain😊 There are many online websites as well, but I do not recommend it to you as I do not trust online shopping in Asia. I do not want to give my credit card, and most of the time the websites are not updated. In other words, sometimes there is no place in the train where you see availability online.

In fact, the agencies sell transportation options as packages. So let’s say you are going to go to Koh Phangan island from Bangkok. You can buy the bus Bangkok- main land, which is closest to the island of Koh Phangan then ferry to the island, and finally tuk tuk to the hotel where you will be staying.

Thailand Travel Tips-Thai Cuisine

My favorite cuisine was Thai cuisine until I have been to India. After India, we can say that two cuisines share the first place. If you like Indian cuisine, you can read my Indian Food – 10 Indian Foods You Must Try.

I usually dine in street food or cheap restaurants in Thailand. For 2-3 dollars you can have great and satisfying meals. I am sure you will like them all. Here are the must-try Thai cuisine;

Pad Thai

It is noodles made with mixed vegetables and sauces. In addition, there are chicken or red meat options. So when I add peanuts on it, I say omg.


It is a watery dish made with coconut milk. It can be with vegetables, chicken, red meat or fish. It is slightly sweetish from coconut milk, but hot from sauces. So it’s a great balance. It is served with rice.


Smoothies made with tropical fruits go well in Thailand’s hot weather. My favorite is definitely mango one.

Of course, you will see a lot of fried insects and even sometimes crocodiles in the streets. I know it will be very difficult, but I suggest you try it even once while you’re there. Since Thailand was my first country, I didn’t dare, but after traveling for a while, you start to get used to these things. I tried crickets for the first time in Vietnam. It tastes like potato chips. Close your eyes and throw one in your mouth 😊

Thailand Travel Tips-Shopping

There are so many night markets all over Thailand. You can find very interesting authentic products and taste street food in these markets. One of the best markets is Chatuchak market in Bangkok, which is set up on weekends. You can find whatever comes to your mind in this huge. In fact, there are many people who shop from this market and sell them in their countries. If you want, you can also try😊

Thailand Travel Tips-Thailand Nightlife

I guess there is no one who does not know Thailand’s crazy nightlife. Neon lights, parties, loud music and ladyboys … The famous Khao San Road in Bangkok is one of the places where you will see Thailand nightlife. Don’t get caught up in the energy there so much and regret the next day😊

Thailand Travel Tips- Foot Massage

You can have foot massage wherever you look in Thailand. You can relieve from your stress and get up from the seat so freshly. Frankly, I was addicted to foot massage. You can have a massage at night markets for 5-6 dollars.

Thailand From My Eyes

-I think I said this in every item, but let me talk about it here once. Thailand is so popular now that it is overcrowded and expensive. There is no Thailand left that we used to watch videos previously.

-If you want to ​​travel a few countries in Asia,Thailand is a good starting point due to its location. That’s why I started my travel from Thailand. Most travelers do that too. Since this is the starting point of everybody, you can make friends and continue the journey together.

-I want to remind of bargaining, bargaining, bargaining.

-Most people just visit the islands of Thailand. So they are missing the north. Make sure you take time for north.

You can continue with Thailand Attractions – Best Places to Visit in Thailand.


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