As January 1 2021, a lot is changing in UK due to UK not in EU anymore. The foremost of these is UK immigration system. As I have been living in London since 2016,one of the  most  questions come to me is “How to settle in UK by 2021?” . So what will be the new UK immigration system like? Let’s  clarify  the subject.

Unfortunately, there is no longer privileges for EU citizens. It means that, EU citizens will not be able to settle in the UK as easy as before. New UK immigration system will be applied equally to everyone where ever they from .

What Are The New UK Immigration System Requirements?

The new terms are based on the points system. Basically, you can apply for a visa with a minimum of 70 points based on four criteria. While the first three of these criteria are mandatory requirements for everyone. Some flexibilities are provided in the last criterion.

1-Job Offer from an approved sponsor

Before Brexit, EU citizens could legally work in UK so easy. However, the primary criterion to settle in UK after brexit is to get a job offer from an approved sponsor company. This gets you twenty points.

You can find details on how companies can obtain this license here. (Under Becoming a licensed sponsor-) and you can also see the current list of approved sponsor companies here.

2- Job at appropriate skill level

This is one of the mandatory criterion and gets you twenty points. You have to prove your skills in your job with  diploma, certificate or documents. The level of job skills  should be at least third level. Click here for details.

3-Speak English at required level

Of course,  you are not expected to speak English like your native language. Your English must be al least intermediate level  as proof that you can live and do your job in UK. This criterion brings you ten points.

4- General salary threshold of £25,600 yearly

The fourth and last criterion is that the job offer you receive from the UK, salary should be a minimum of £ 25,600 per year. In this condition, you can earn 20 points, and in this way, you can reach 70 points in total.

However, I mentioned that in the fourth criterion, there are some flexibilities. Under some conditions, the desired minimum earnings on an annual basis can be as low as £ 20,480. So what are these conditions?

Condition 1 – Job in a shortage occupation

You are very lucky if you have received a job offer among  in a shortage occupation in UK. Even if you get a minimum of £ 20,480 on an annual basis, your required job status is a privilege that gets you twenty points. You can find the list of job in a shortage occupation here.

Condition 2- Having a PhD in Your Profession

UK wants to take immigrants who are educated, knowledgeable and experienced in their profession. If you have a PHD that means extra ten points for you, and your annual earnings are not required to be a minimum of £ 25,600.

Condition 3- Having a PhD in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

As I mentioned in the previous condition, now UK wants more competent immigrants who will take UK one step further. For this reason, if you have a PhD in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) this earns you an additional twenty points and the minimum earning requirement is reduced to £ 20,480.

You can see all these conditions and points system I have described in the table below, which I got from the UK government’s official site.

In fact, below table has been made more understandable with examples on the website.

Freya received a job offer of £ 21,000 annually as a lab technician. She has received fifty points by completing the first three required conditions. However, as her salary is less than £ 25,600, she gets zero points on the fourth criterion. Freya’s PhD in STEM gives her an additional twenty points and get her the right to apply for a visa without being stuck in the salary condition.

I prepared my article and examples based on information on the official website of the British government. You can also check it from here.

Good luck to everyone😊


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